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When your wedding dreams come true in Marina Portorož. ✨

Is there anything more beautiful than when a couple promises each other eternal loyalty and unconditional love? Many would say no. However, we have a different opinion because an even better scenario exists – when a couple does so at Marina Portorož.⚓ Because we believe that anyone who lives by our motto “Joy of Yachting” […]

A Guide for Taking Your First Nautical Steps Safely, Part 5: Sailboat Maintenance.⛵

To maintain the value of your sailboat and ensure a longer life, the level of maintenance you provide plays a crucial role. Drawing from our diverse service experience, today’s nautical advice encompasses areas that boat owners sometimes overlook!💡 Inspection of the hull and deck. Conduct thorough and regular inspections of composite structures and gelcoat surfaces. […]

MasterChef-style reinforcements and December gatherings.

This time, we have two important pieces of news that require sharing, first one being the fact that a vast gastronomy offering in our Marina will be joined by Darko Klemen, a Slovenian MasterChef winner, who will follow his culinary vision with his very own @brunch_bar_strega! Stay tuned for updates on when you can drop […]

A guide for taking your first nautical steps safely, part 1: anchoring.⚓

Dear nautical enthusiasts and fans, greetings!👋 As we aim to spread the spirit of yachting among people and, at the same time, possess a wealth of knowledge from our experienced team in this field, we have decided to prepare a series of nautical tips to help beginners take their first steps into the wonderful blue […]

Hello, dear friends of Marina Portorož!

We hope 2023 has been kind to you so far. This month we are sharing some exciting events that are coming in the near future, as well as some special offers that our service personnel has prepared for you.