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Navigating a restless sea is treacherous, yet it posts a temptation to every true mariner. Since resisting the call of the sea is impossible, in this nautical advice, you can read all about how to approach a restless sea safely.🌬️

1. Wave evaluation. Before venturing into the open sea, assess the height, length, and direction of the waves. Additionally, check their interval – the time between one wave and the next. These details will help you continuously choose the right direction amid these scary natural obstacles.🧐

2. Speed adjustment. Don’t sail too fast – choose a speed that allows for a comfortable and safe journey. Trust your instincts and don’t hesitate to reduce speed if circumstances change.🧠

3. Vessel incline and course. Try to steer the vessel at an angle that allows for a comfortable voyage for the crew. Avoid tackling waves directly, and don’t sail in the same direction as they travel. Seeking a course diagonal to the wave direction will significantly reduce the impact of the sea on the vessel.↔️

4. Trim setting. Set the trim of the boat so that the bow is slightly raised. This way, you ensure that water doesn’t come over the bow onto the vessel.⬆️

5. Maintain Distance. When on rough seas, your reactions may be less precise on the vessel, so it’s better to be more cautious when approaching other maritime traffic participants. This is especially important when navigating near shallows or the shore. 🏝️

6. Securely attaching the vessel equipment. Before departure, make sure all equipment on the vessel is securely fastened. Always wear a life jacket and keep other safety aids nearby.🦺

7. Communication. If you ever need assistance from another vessel, and in extreme cases, rescue teams, you must be able to contact them. The first step is a functional VHF radio communicator, which is always kept within your arm’s reach.📻

8. Continuous observation. Even if you feel like you have the situation under control despite challenging sailing conditions, don’t relax too much. Stay vigilant; problems may be hiding behind the next wave.👀

9. Consider the limits. Stay objective when assessing your own abilities with regard to the situation. Also, be aware of your vessel’s capabilities – some can withstand much more than others. 🛥️

Every true mariner faces difficult circumstances and unexpected challenges during their life at sea. A restless sea is just one of them, and it’s only a matter of time before it crosses your path. We wish you the best of luck and responsible handling when this happens.🍀