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A guide for taking your first nautical steps safely, part 2: navigating in restriced waters.🌊

Harbors, channels, and narrow passages require special attention and skill. For all those encountering these nautical challenges for the first time, we’ve prepared some tips to help you stay calm no matter the situation.

1. Slow Down. More time for maneuvering and reaction means a lower chance of collision.🐌

2. Keep an eye out for markers, buoys and lights. Use them to precisely determine a safe path around obstacles.👀

3. Take it slow when overtaking. Patience is crucial in restricted waters – assess if overtaking is truly necessary or even better – wait for more space.🐢

4. Cautious engine use. Controlling your speed correctly will make it easier to maintain a chosen course around obstacles.⚙️

5. Check your surroundings. While navigating, frequently glance around, but remain focused on where you are going.🧐

6. Plan ahead. Before embarking on your journey, familiarize yourself with challenging areas you’ll need to navigate.🗺️

7. Communication with other vessels. Use visual signals and radio communication to inform other nearby maritime traffic participants of your intentions. 📻

8. Banish distractions. During peak concentration, all distractions should be set aside. 📳

9. Stay calm. In stressful situations, remain calm and collected, as it is the only way to make the right decisions.😌

We wish you a safe voyage and don’t forget – always follow local laws and regulations and adhere to maritime rules.🫡