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New service offer!

Because we diligently note your requests, even when we cannot fulfill them at the moment, we always have a wish list of services we would like to offer you in near future. That’s how we became aware we urgently need to add advanced cleaning of boat engine and generator cooling systems to our offer. This technique, found only in technologically advanced marinas, ensures that your vessel operates with maximum efficiency and safety. Keep reading if you’re interested in why.🧐


Impurities and deposits that accumulate over time in cooling systems can cause blockages and uneven cooling, leading to reduced efficiency or even potential failures. By entrusting us with the cleaning of these sensitive areas, you will successfully avoid this. Check out our main advantages below.⬇️


  • Experience gained by our service team through training and daily solving of challenging maritime issues.🤝
  • A comprehensive approach that includes not only cleaning but also inspection.🔬
  • Environmental friendliness in the selection of techniques and materials.💚
  • Longer lifespan of the engine, arising from thorough inspection and precise cleaning.👴
  • Increased efficiency of cleaned systems, resulting in lower fuel consumption. 📉
  • Reduced risk of failures, ensuring worry-free sailing.🛑
  • We’re really fast, meaning that your boat is back in the water in the shortest time possible.🏎️

For more information about our new service, please write to us at service@marinap.si. Our team of experts is ready.