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MasterChef-style reinforcements and December gatherings.­čĄŁ

This time, we have two important pieces of news that require sharing, first one being the fact that a vast gastronomy offering in our Marina will be joined by Darko Klemen, a Slovenian MasterChef winner, who will follow his culinary vision with his very own @brunch_bar_strega! Stay tuned for updates on when you can drop by to sample their delicious snacks.­čĄĄ

Second piece of news, that is actually also a reminder, is that December, a month of both business and personal gatherings, is rapidly approaching. For anyone deliberating where to invite their selected guests, regardless of the gathering type, our Marina is the ideal choice. The Marina Restaurant, Ko┼żelj Wine Shop, the exclusive space of the Yachting Club Portoro┼ż, and the Laguna are at your disposal. Follow the link in the profile description to discover which location precisely meets your needs, then contact zigam@marinap.si or +38651612844 to book the location.­čĹî

­čöŚ https://www.marinap.si/en/experiences/